Vancouver Mural Festival

Butterfly Kiss

To me the butterfly is a symbol of growth and beauty. A butterfly goes through a lot of change in its lifespan, and at full growth it shows its true beauty & color.

As a self-taught Coast Salish artist, I wanted to express my own personal growth as an artist.

The mural is finally complete. I'm not in BC so VMF had a talented muralist (Ian Kaart) put up my design. If you're on Robson street in Vancity, make sure to check it out and send me a pic! I'm super happy how it turned out!

Salish Style

Storytelling Through Visual Art (Communities Create)

NoMiNoU - Salish Connection Collection

This year I started doing online art demonstrations with kids & participants through the Connected North @ Home program. Here is one of the recent sessions (SpiderMan).

Electric Orca Skateboard Deck (Stonington Gallery, Seattle)

Spinning Whorl(d) 

Collaboration with artist lessLIE

CBC Valentines Day Cards 2020

Bones (Book Cover Design)

Future Pathways Fireside Chat

Grandview School Logo (Vancouver)

Red Road Driving School Logo (B.C)

Language Flash Card Deck / TakingITGlobal / Connected North (40 Animal Designs)

Mission School Logo (British Columbia)

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